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Hello, Bellends.

Jay here, or as you might know me "Mr Big Nob", and yes ladies the name is accurate. I've got a proper massive knob if you wanna give a go on it.

My mates all say I'm the funniest, sexiest guy they've ever known (not in a gay way), and I'm fucking mental- in a good way.

My best mate in the world is David Beckham, I'm even Harper 7's Godfather (but that's a secret, yeah?) and I drive a proper expensive hummer car but I just drive this banger around town so people don't start being me mate just for my money, ya know?

I love havin a wicked time with me mates, getting fucking trashed in the most VIP bars in London (which I can get you all in to).

I'm a complete stud, my mum and dad own this stupid fucking caravan that I have to go to every now and then to keep them happy even though I'd rather be dead than seen at one of those cockfests. But it's alright cus I'm a proper fuckin' stud at Camber all the gash knows me and wants me down there, not a cunt I haven't fucked- this one time I even had twelve birds at once in me mum's luxury caravan while they were out playing bingo at the community hall like a pair of fucking plebs.

So yeah, you could just sum me up as fucking brilliant and the best guy you'll ever meet.

Interests (23):

backpacking across europe, being fucking awesome, decadence, driving mint cars, earning 100k a year, expensive clothes, extreme bdsm, extreme sports, fannies, fit birds, fucking birds, fucking fit birds, gangbangs, getting off my tits, going bareback, me mates, mental nights, milfs, my best friend ryan giggs, premiership football, puff, smoking weed, twelvesomes
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